Fall asleep, faster.

No need to overhaul your entire bedtime routine.

Uncover better rest.

Drift off in minutes

Our blanket’s weight stimulates the production of sleep hormones to help you fall asleep faster.

Sleep deeper and for longer

Our breathable material helps your body stay at the optimal temperature throughout the night.

Feel rested when the alarm goes off

Starting off your sleep with the Cuddler ends in more energized mornings, and fewer
afternoon crashes.

For sleep that’s
worth its weight.

Size Guide

We recommend 8–10% of your body weight. Don’t want to do the math? We got you, check out the chart below and select your blanket weight.

Body Weight Size Weight
100 – 149 lbs 40" x 64" 10 lbs
150 – 199 lbs 40" x 72" 15 lbs
200 + lbs 45" x 72" 20 lbs
The Cuddler

The Cuddler

Wrap yourself in a hug and relax with our hand-knit, sustainably-made weighted blanket.
  • Outer Shell: 100% Cotton
  • Inner Tube: 100% Regenerated Polyester
  • 10 lbs: 35” x 54”
  • 15 lbs: 45” x 70”
  • 20 lbs: 48” x 70”
  • Wash separately in cold water, on a delicate cycle.
  • Use eco-friendly detergent and avoid fabric softeners or bleach.
  • Tumble dry on low and do not hang to dry.
  • Note: it may take more than one cycle to fully dry.

Pillow talk from happy sleepers.

Reid K.

Knocked out so quickly

I used to have so much trouble falling asleep that I would just end up playing video games all night. Now, I’m knocked out so quickly I fall asleep with my phone in my hand.

Sonya S.

Best night sleep every night

I was skeptical about loving any blanket like this….but this one proved me wrong….best night sleep every night.

Lisa O.

Life-Changing For My Anxiety!

Feels like I’m being hugged by a million little people. Whenever my chest starts to get tight or my mind starts racing, I get cuddled up under my blanket and melt away into bliss.

Greg C.

Sleep changed for the better

I’ve struggled with sleep for years. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. After the first week of using my Let’s Cuddle blanket I knew my sleep was changed for the better.

Selah C.

Now I fall asleep quickly

I used to toss and turn all night, but now I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. I would highly recommend this blanket to anyone who struggles with sleep.

Materials that last longer.

You’ll sleep better knowing our blankets are made with 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Find your comfort zone.

Color: Peony
Color: Sand
Color: Ash
Color: Dusk


Why weighted?

Weighted blankets help reduce anxiety, help improve sleep, help to relax restless muscles, and they help to boost your mood.

What weight is best for me?

We recommend choosing a weight that is 8-10% of your body weight for best comfort results.

How should I wash my weighted blanket.
  • Wash separately in cool water
  • Select the delicate or permanent-press cycle
  • Use only gentle or mild detergent
  • Avoid using fabric softener or bleach
  • Tumble dry on low heat

Discover the secret to better sleep.