5 Reasons Why This (Gorgeous, Chunky-Knit) Weighted Blanket is on Everyone’s Wish List

The benefits of using a weighted blanket are well-documented and researched. Whether you take an afternoon break under one or it helps you get deeper sleep at night, weighted blankets help reduce stress, improve deep sleep, and calm your body's central nervous system. So, here are the five reasons why everyone is trying to get their hands on The Cuddler by Let's Cuddle.

1. We work with your body to help improve your every day.

The weight of our blankets helps get your juices flowing. It encourages:

  • Increased release of melatonin, which means a deeper, higher-quality sleep
  • Decreased release of cortisol which means less stress (yes please!)
  • Increased release of serotonin which elevates your mood

2. Keep cortisol levels low and slow.

Through medical studies, researchers found that "grounding patients" (covering them with a weighted blanket) lowered their cortisol levels during sleep. Cortisol is a hormone that can negatively impact our stress and anxiety levels.

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3. Designed for every season.

Blankets don’t have to be just for winter. We hand-knit our blankets to allow for breathability while maximizing insulation. Goodbye to overheating. Hello to cool, warm cuddles inevery temperature.

4. A weighted blanket you’ll actually want to keep out.

Let’s be real — traditional weighted blankets are ugly and drab. Our beautiful colors, paired with our textured style, create the perfect accent piece for your room.

We value form and function.

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5. Evenly distributed weight, no more shaking the blanket

Our blankets are hand-knit and beadless, meaning the weight will hug your entire body. Traditional beaded blankets tend to bunch up in areas and get uncomfortably warm.

Real reviews, dreamy results

Lisa O.

Feels like I’m being hugged by a million little people. Whenever my chest starts to get tight or my mind starts racing, I get cuddled up under my blanket and melt away into bliss.

Greg C.

I’ve struggled with sleep for years. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. After the first week of using my Let’s Cuddle blanket I knew my sleep was changed for the better.

Malik J.

It’s hard to relax after a workout, but this blanket has been a game changer. It provides just the right amount of pressure to help me shift my mindset and go into a relaxation mode!

Lanie R.

Originally I bought this because I just needed a cute accent blanket — but now my boyfriend has to keep waking me up because I keep falling asleep on the couch!

Reid K.

I used to have so much trouble falling asleep that I would just end up playing video games all night. Now, I’m knocked out so quickly I fall asleep with my phone in my hand.

Frankie L.

I normally struggle with insomnia and would take hours to fall asleep, but this blanket has really helped me drift off and stay asleep in just minutes. Obsessed!

Gabby P.

My daughter absolutely loves her weighted blanket! It looks great in her room and it really helps her relax while she’s hanging out and doing homework.

Ariana C.

I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for a weighted blanket that matched the vibe of my living room. So glad I found Lets Cuddle.

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